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Why Kubernetes or How Giant Swarm Builds Infrastructure

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Giant Swarm’s goal is to build the simplest platform to professionally host your distributed applications. In pursuing this goal for the last few years we have worked with a lot of technologies in production and tested even more. From this experience we found that the best way to build infrastructure is to be open-minded, stay flexible, and make decisions guided by principles that we believe in. These principles are […] Read More

Wait for it - Using Readiness Probes for Service Dependencies in Kubernetes

On in Tech

In a perfect world of microservices every part is aware that things can break. If some endpoint can't be reached it should just be retried after some time and repeated over and over. This connection problem will be monitored and some upper layer may decide to take further actions. The microservice does its one job and acts resiliently with regards to upcoming obstacles. But in reality we are often dealing […] Read More

On Running your Local Development Environment in Kubernetes

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At Giant Swarm, I work on Microservice Infrastructure and a lot of my work is centered around improving how we run clusters as well as software on clusters. However, this work isn’t reflected in my local development environment — as much effort as we put into improving the server experience, the local development experience still lags behind. From Snowflake to Cloud Whilst I have massive amounts of compute available to […] Read More

Adding a gRPC engine to boost CoreOS fleet scalability and performance

On in Tech

Note: As the ecosystem has developed a lot over the last few years, we moved our user services away from fleet into Kubernetes running on a lightweight underlying fleet layer. However, with recent developments in Kubernetes and lightweight container engines like rkt, we revisited our decision and decided to also migrate our base layer to Kubernetes and thus won’t be using fleet anymore in the future. Giant Swarm offers […] Read More

Giant Swarm is “Remote First” and I put it to the test

On in Inside

When Giant Swarm hired me about a year ago I was totally overjoyed at the opportunity to work remotely. It presented me with a world of opportunity that until now I haven’t really taken full advantage of. At first I dipped my toe into the pool by working from random coffee places, and having an irregular working pattern. I’d split my day up into 3 bouts of work, […] Read More

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