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Self Driving Clusters - Managed Autoscaling Kubernetes on AWS

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Giant Swarm provides managed Kubernetes clusters for our customers, which are operated 24/7 by our operations team. Each customer has their own private control plane which they can use to create as many tenant clusters as they require. This results in a large number of tenant clusters and control planes that we need to manage and keep up to date.... Read More

Giant Swarm’s Top Cloud Native Posts of 2018

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Our team is hard at work perfecting the ideal Kubernetes stack for you. Still, we find time to share knowledge about our experiences in the containerized world. With 2018 a near-distant memory, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the cloud native topics that you all loved so much. Skim through our top 10 list below and catch... Read More

A Story Of True Dedication And Hard Work

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Over the last couple of months I was pondering how Giant Swarm has become so successful. I was wondering why the product and service we provide works out so well for our customers. From my current point of view, I figured it is exactly that: our product and our service. Giant Swarm provides these two pillars. When your business depends... Read More

The State of Kubernetes 2019

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Last year I wrote a post entitled A Trip From the Past to the Future of Kubernetes. In it, I talked about the KVM and AWS versions of our stack and the imminent availability of our Azure release. I also referred to the rollercoaster of the 2 prior years. Let’s start by revisiting last year’s predictions: 1. Kubernetes will make... Read More

Managing the Security of Kubernetes Container Workloads

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In this series of articles entitled Securing Kubernetes for Cloud Native Applications, we’ve discussed aspects of security for each of the layers that make up a Kubernetes cluster. In this last article, we’re going to address the security of the container workload itself. How do we ensure the integrity of the contents of the container, and how do we know... Read More

Where are we going with the Giant Swarm API?

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In the coming months we are going to take a new direction with our API. In this blogpost we share the reasoning behind this shift. Our API acts as a gateway between the outside world and the microservices that enable the cluster management features that we provide. It handles our authentication and authorization, and has generally been an enabler of... Read More

Applying Best Practice Security Controls to a Kubernetes Cluster

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This is the penultimate article in a series entitled Securing Kubernetes for Cloud Native Applications, and follows our discussion about securing the important components of a cluster, such as the API server and Kubelet. In this article, we’re going to address the application of best-practice security controls, using some of the cluster’s inherent security mechanisms. If Kubernetes can be likened... Read More

Securing the Configuration of Kubernetes Cluster Components

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In the previous article of this series Securing Kubernetes for Cloud Native Applications, we discussed what needs to be considered when securing the infrastructure on which a Kubernetes cluster is deployed. This time around, we’re turning our attention to the cluster itself. Kubernetes is a complex system, and the diagram above shows the many different constituent parts that make up... Read More

Securing the Base Infrastructure of a Kubernetes Cluster

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The first article in this series Securing Kubernetes for Cloud Native Applications, provided a discussion on why it’s difficult to secure Kubernetes, along with an overview of the various layers that require our attention, when we set about the task of securing that platform. The very first layer in the stack, is the base infrastructure layer. We could define this... Read More

Why Is Securing Kubernetes so Difficult?

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If you’re already familiar with Kubernetes, the question in the title will probably resonate deep within your very being. And if you’re only just getting started on your cloud native journey, and Kubernetes represents a looming mountain to conquer, you’ll quickly come to realise the pertinence of the question. Security is hard at the best of times, but when your... Read More

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