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FinTechs - watch out! How to make Kubernetes successful

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FinTech is a relatively new, but rapidly expanding sector of the financial services industry. Put simply, FinTech is the application of technology to the provision of financial services and is increasingly playing a disruptive role in the way society consumes financial services. Innovation is the key ingredient in the rise of FinTech companies (FinTechs), and technology is the essence of... Read More

Building Container Images with Podman and Buildah

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This is the second in a series of blog posts on building Container Images. The series started with What is the Future of Container Image Building? which looked at how building images has changed since Docker first launched and how some of the restrictions of using Dockerfiles can be overcome. This post focuses on Podman and Buildah and in future... Read More

So you want to be diverse, what could go wrong?

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I recently attended Kubecon EU in Barcelona and it was there that I had an epiphany. As we were setting up our booth, in the booth next to us were half a dozen gentlemen. All of them wearing black t-shirts. I mentioned in passing to my colleagues that as a woman, I would feel intimidated walking up to that booth.... Read More

Getting Hired at Giant Swarm

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Working for Giant Swarm is awesome, I personally think it’s an opportunity of a lifetime. (And nobody is paying me to say that. :p In fact, I’ve been asked to make clear that this is wholly my own opinion :) ) If you’d like some reasons why I think that’s the case, well, that might just be my next blog... Read More

What is the Future of Container Image Building?

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In one sense it hardly seems any time at all since Docker 1.0 was released in the summer of 2014, but in another sense it feels like a lifetime. In the 4-5 years that have ensued, the cloud native paradigm has exploded into a full-scale industry, with businesses large and small, betting their existence on the purported benefits that cloud... Read More

When a software company ponders the environment

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Giant Swarm is a small company with big ideals. It starts with our mission statement in which we state that “We give companies freedom to build the software that runs our world”. Hey running the world is no small feat. The thing is that we feel that there are more ways in which we can impact the world we live... Read More

The past, present and future of operatorkit

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Kubernetes Operators are all the rage. However, getting the concept right is difficult. Here we want to provide our view on the past, present, and future of Kubernetes Operators. In The Past Before operators became a thing we did not have a real commonly established approach for implementing idempotency or reconciliation. At some point, CoreOS came out with their blog... Read More

Improving the security of Kubernetes clusters using Istio

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One of the goals and benefits of using Istio as a service-mesh infrastructure is improving the security of the cluster it is embedded in and the services it contains. The security value of Istio has the following facets: Istio authenticates workloads’ identities and issues and manages certificates for them when creating the mesh connectivity. The service mesh traffic can be... Read More

Istio monitoring explained

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Nobody would be surprised if I say “Service Mesh” is a trending topic in the tech community these days. One of the most active projects in this area is Istio. It was jointly created by IBM, Google, and Lyft as a response to known problems with microservice architectures. Containers and Kubernetes greatly help with adopting a microservices architecture. However, at... Read More

Grafana Logging using Loki

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Loki is a Prometheus-inspired logging service for cloud native infrastructure. What is Loki? Open sourced by Grafana Labs during KubeCon Seattle 2018, Loki is a logging backend optimized for users running Prometheus and Kubernetes with great logs search and visualization in Grafana 6.0. Loki was built for efficiency alongside the following goals: Logs should be cheap. Nobody should be asked... Read More

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