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Giant Swarm is “Remote First” and I put it to the test

On in Inside

When Giant Swarm hired me about a year ago I was totally overjoyed at the opportunity to work remotely. It presented me with a world of opportunity that until now I haven’t really taken full advantage of. At first I dipped my toe into the pool by working from random coffee places, and having an irregular working pattern. I’d split my day up into 3 bouts of work, […] Read More

The Best of Rhineland Finals

On in Inside

Henning, Timo, and me have never been ones for startup competitions, especially those you need to pay for, and we still think a lot about the effort involved versus the potential benefit of such events. After the Cologne Future Award, another award recently appeared on the horizon, namely the Best of X, or more specifically the Best of Rhineland. The pitch conveniently taking place in our co-working space, Startplatz, submission […] Read More

Swarm Stories: Enterprise Architecture Management with leanIX

On in Inside

Today we are talking with one of our users, that we got introduced to by their investor Capnamic. We like introductions by VCs that are not invested in Giant Swarm (yet), so we were happy to have a deeper discussion with leanIX about their needs. One of the points that brought us together is that the leanIX team had just rewritten parts of their stack for using Docker containers and […] Read More

Cologne Future Award for Digital Transformation

On in Inside

Last Tuesday we won the Cologne Future Award, which was given out the first time as part of a yearly meeting called "Kölner Impulse" held at the Rotonda Business Club, which since years discusses future trends in urbanism, „future work“ or digitisation (program). It's a gathering of the old guard of Cologne, meaning you are in a room with the heads of the local football club, the local ice hockey […] Read More

10 Insights of Doing International Recruiting

On in Inside

Before I allow myself any TL;DR, I have to mention a very important aspect: This blogpost is, beside the topic hiring, about people, stereotypes, and things that makes you wonder and maybe smile when you have experienced recruiting in a more corporate context. I want to add that a) nobody should do recruiting without being truly interested in people and their stories and b) none of the examples are […] Read More

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