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Why Kubernetes or How Giant Swarm Builds Infrastructure

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Giant Swarm’s goal is to build the simplest platform to professionally host your distributed applications. In pursuing this goal for the last few years we have worked with a lot of technologies in production and tested even more. From this experience we found that the best way to build infrastructure is to be open-minded, stay flexible, and make decisions guided by principles that we believe in. These principles are […] Read More

Get Visual with Our Web UI

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As of today, all users have access to The Giant Swarm Web UI. Use it to get an overview of the status of your services. It also features a novel way to correlate logs with usage metrics in real time. Read on to see what it looks like and what you can do with it. A Complement to Our CLI Developers love their CLIs, and so do we! But you […] Read More

Introducing A Better Way To Define Services

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TL;DR: We’re moving to a new format for defining services on Giant Swarm. In this blog post we want to explain to you the migration timeline, main changes, benefits you will experience as well as reasons behind this revision. When, What, and How? As of Monday, Aug 10th, 20:00 UTC you will no longer be able to create applications in the old format. All applications created after […] Read More

Step by Step Towards Zero Downtime Deployment - Rolling Updates are Here

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Update: With swarm CLI 0.18.0 we introduced different update strategies that you can choose from. The one described in this blog post is the default one-by-one strategy. There's another strategy called hot-swap, which gives you zero downtime no matter how many instances your component has. We are continuously improving upon update our strategies. For an always up-to-date reference of update strategies check out the swarm update reference page […] Read More

Scaling for More Users by Allowing Less

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We had a lot of deep discussions at the office the last few days. Yes, we are creative thinkers, startup people to the core, always agile and flexible but … we have mental models too and they make you get stuck. We were in our tiny little box. A little background is in order. A few weeks ago we started to invite more and more users on the platform and actually […] Read More

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